authorpicWhat is this site about?

This site is about me, my thoughts, my projects, my goings-on. If this is your first introduction to me, I have spent the last five years reading over a hundred and eleven books every year. I review each and every once of them on one of my other sites one-elevenbooks.com.

While One-elevenbooks is more of a literary site, this site will be a more personal site, not quite a diary. There will be my thoughts about things, things I try, places I travel, experiences I experience, and projects I create.

I had originally intended to do something like this with a former website named after my ill-fated farm. Red House Farm did not happen. My life has been through an upheaval and I am deciding what do to next. Who should I be? What will I take away from this experience? What are my thoughts on the whole thing in the first place?

As I have picked the pen-name Ashe for myself, I thought a symbolic, and somewhat punny, title was in order. The title for this site is Out of the Ashe¬†and it’s going to be about whatever me that emerges from the tumultuous time I’ve had over the past year.

Ashe Arterberry

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